Storage companies

Storage: The Life Saver of Movers

            We have all heard the old statistics about how often people move house and in my experience these statistics are generally wrong. But when  it comes down to the nitty-gritty of relocating it doesn’t really mater how many times before you have done it but rather how well you did it and how you can improve upon your experiences. By far the most common email I get, if we talk about it not going to plan, is certainly "how can I plan for everything? Something always goes wrong" and if you ask me you can only do your best in this regard. Certainly in my humble opinion it has a lot to do with pre-planning and research and how much time you put into this is typically reflected in the results should anything unforeseen happen.

            One common issue related to what you do if you either can't take it all with you or you didn’t calculate how much stuff you had before the trucks arrived. No having enough room doesn't always mean that you planned badly. I can often come down to needing to take some things at a later date or hold them somewhere before selling them. Either way what you are going to need is a storage solution of one type or another.

 What kind of storage is out there and what kind of companies?

             Storage companies normally come in one of two types. One that is connected with a removal service of some kind or one that specializes in storage solutions. The third type will be covered later in this article as they are not the ones you ever want to use.

            Let's start off with a list of the kind of storage that is out there:

 Self Storage - Pretty much as it says. A place where you can sort and store your belongings and are free to access as you need to. Can be rented either long or short term. Be sure to find one that is safe and secure.

 Storage Companies/Storage Facility - Definitely the safer of the options if you go with a company that provides good ease of access and strong security measures and insurances for anything else. Researching companies for what they offer is a must.

 Public Storage - A type of free access self-storage. Also a large company that offers self-storage solutions in secure facilities.

 Mini Storage - For when you need a little extra space. This type of storage included safe deposit boxes and storage for small, high value items. Mini-storage also comes as smaller versions of typical storage where space is at a premium such as in city centers. In such cases mini-storage closets can be rented.

 Document Storage - A secure facility for keeping important documents safe. Separate document storage can be found in and apart from typical storage companies. Always check for insurances and security before renting this type of storage due to the nature of kept items.

 Mobile Storage - For when you need a little extra space. Mobile storage boxes can be brought right to your home or business to give to somewhere to place items before you load them into trucks or transports.

            There are many types of storage out there and an even longer list of companies but before you charge headlong in and book them all, make a list of what your needs are and try to find a company that can do it all for you, including home pick up and packing services.

 Where to find them and what to look for

             Like any other type of storage solution the best place to find out information regarding companies is to inquire with moving companies. The reason for this is that they are the best place to find deals alongside the rest of your move, some even provide short term storage for free with any long distance move.

            If you live in the middle of a city or are planning to move to such a location where space is a premium then mini storage providers are the ideal answer. Just be aware that downsizing a full house to an apartment means that mini storage may not be enough. Sized for mini storage range from the very small and cheap 4x4x5 foot closet to the larger version sized at approx 8x10x8 foot room.

            Self storage providers can be found all over from the slightly worrisome back alley garage right up to modern warehouse facilities. The benefit of self-storage is a reduction in costs as you do it yourself but a good rule of thumb is 'the cheaper you go the less secure it is'. If you are only storing old furniture with little to no real value then this is just fine but for your great grandmother's ottoman and clock set you might want to shop around for a more secure location, even if that means limited access hours.

 Safety first and other concerns

             I probably don't need to tell you that safety should always come first but when considering storage solutions you need to double or even triple check what you are getting before you lay any money down. While that shady looking man with a garage space in an alley sounds very cheap you can be sure that no all of your things are going to be there next time you check. The same can even be said of storage companies. With the space requirements of some facilities and because some companies provide such things as a home pick-up service or packing deals the storage warehouse can sometimes be in a separate location to their offices. Take your time and see for yourself if their security is going to cover what you plan to store.

            The same goes for any self style storage place. Go and see for yourself what kind of measures they have in place, how secure the building is, is there any patrolling security, how well sealed are each storage are, and so on.

 Specialist storage

             If you are looking to store some high value or specialty items then be sure to inquire with each company as to what they can offer. Generally speaking, what we mean by specialty items are either things of high value or items that require particular storage. This can range from jewellery to cars to pets (I know you don't exactly store a pet but finding adequate housing and care facilities is important).

             So in conclusion I hope you are now a little wiser on the options that are out there and if you are ever in doubt don’t be afraid to inquire with some of the top companies as to what is the best solution, even if you don’t choose to use them, as their information is most trustworthy. Also keep in mind that should you choose to do it all yourself you may want to use the self storage tools that many companies have free to estimate your needs and costs.


            And lastly always inquire, inquire, inquire to give yourself the best solution, the best price and the securest future. Happy travelling.