Local moving companies

The do's and don'ts of dealing with local moving companies

              No-one knows better than us the potential stress that moving can put on people and because of this well known fact many people make very simple mistakes that end up costing them dearly in the long run. This does not mean to sound like doom and gloom but this is unfortunately very often the way things happen. But we are here to help with a little advice on how to go about it and how to deal with local moving companies.

            When it comes to the issue of moving making life as easy as possible is the only way to go about it. In an ideal world this means reducing all your little 'issues' down to a point where you can sit back and enjoy the ride and bathe in the glow of new home ownership. By far the biggest issue we come across on a daily basis is that people often underestimate how much pre-planning is involved and overlook the need to plan early so that any problems that will inevitable rise up can be dealt with quickly and efficiently and most importantly at as little cost as possible.

Types of movers and the services they offer

              So first let's take a look at moving companies in general. First thing to note is that you should never just choose the first company that comes along with an offer for you, this is sheer folly in anyone's book. Take your time and shop around, there are a lot to choose from and many offer different services that you might just need. Having to work around a company that won't move any heavy objects can be very costly to you, both physically and emotionally. If you are happy with the simply 'man in a van' type company then by all means use them but for added benefits and security for your goods in transit look for a company that no only offers good insurances but has specific services that cater to your needs. By the way this applies even if you are only moving to the next street. Here is an example of some specific moving company types:

Home movers - While sounding specific this type of company is in fact quite general but what they mean by home is that commercial properties are not something they deal with. This general type is by far the most common type and many good companies fall under this category.

Apartment movers - More specific that just home they specialize in the obvious but by this they often mean that they have the manpower, equipment and experience to deal with tall buildings. They also specialize in smaller moves so don't be afraid to inquire with them if you have a house but with limited or specialty goods that need moving.

Furniture movers - More often that not furniture movers do not deal with full moves but if you plan to do part of it yourself then they are the right people to see if you want your extra bulky items moved or even simply loaded and unloaded into either your house or truck.

            When moving locally many people prefer to do it themselves but don't shy away from professional help when it comes to the harder parts. The cost is always worth it rather than trying to get your ottoman up a flight of stairs yourself.

            Before you choose a company make a list of your needs and see if you can find a company that can do it all for the right price. And don't sign on the line until you are sure and ready to proceed. As I said before the cost of making up for this kind of error can be very, very painful.

 Where to look

             Given the world of technology in which we live it seems a little bit crazy to be asked where to find something like a good movers but in actual fact a simple Google search is not always the best way of finding one. While there are some famous names out there such as U-haul, who offer vehicles for transportation, many of the real heroes of moving who quietly offer great services and prices choose not to blaze our eyes with endless advertisements.  So where is the best place to look for them? I hear you ask. Well your first port of call should be the local moving companies list where you will find a lot of companies in one place making them easy to compare. A comprehensive local moving directory such as this can usually be found on good websites such as ours or through local business access links. Just be sure that the companies you are looking at are reputable and trustworthy which usually means steering clear of small non-descript adverts in the back of newspapers.

Common pitfalls

               Whether you are moving locally or somewhere further afield many of the issues that can crop up remain the same. I cannot stress enough the importance of good planning when it comes to moving because I know, both from working in the moving industry and personal experience, that last minute problems can bite hard, even for local movers.

So here are a few good tips to keep you on track:

 1. Always, always, always plan in advance, plan hard and plan well. This is not a guarantee of 100% success but you will find any problems much more manageable if you have alternative plans to fall back on. Furthermore if you plan well you are in control and are always of what should be happening and when, and believe me this is the best way to reduce stress.

 2. Compare companies. Make sure you shop around for the right company that fits the bill. The local relocation movers that you choose should come with all the services you need at a price that suits you. They should be backed by insurances, assurances and the paperwork too.

 3. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need. At the end of the day they are moving your personal treasures, but any good company welcomes inquisitive customers. The more information they have the better they can help you.

 Moving specialty items

             If you have any special items that may qualify as specialty items then make sure that your movers are aware of it beforehand and that you have any extra cover you may need. This can count for moving plants/trees, extra large items, antiques or high value goods, fragile items and even pets.

            Even local moving requires the same care as any other, but not just for your safety and the safety of the item, it also means that your movers can bring any extra equipment or personnel they may need to get the job done.

 A final word

             I hope the information we have provided here will help your transition from home to home. Always remember that as the customer you have the right to want the best for your possessions. As a side note, being nice to the moving people also helps should anything unexpected turn up.

             So, plan well, pack well and have a safe trip to your new home.